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Welcome to the OpenMoko™ public Wiki

OpenMoko™ is an Open Source project to create the world's first free mobile phone operating system.

The OpenMoko project is a community that anyone can join, to help design their ideal phone.

Eventually, phone software won't be tied to any particular phone.

You can install any OpenMoko software over the whole range of supported phones, and if you upgrade your phone, you don't lose that software. Bugs fixed on any phone are fixed on all.

Currently it is not suitable for users. The state of the software at the moment is pre-alpha. If you order a Neo1973, DO NOT expect to be able to use it as an everyday phone until October 2007 at the soonest, and probably later.

The Neo1973 from FIC is the first of many phones that OpenMoko will run on. Buy it at Openmoko Online Shop (currently out of stock). You may wish to see the Shipment 1 FAQ.

Please join us in collaborating on the OpenMoko project through any of the project resources including this OpenMoko wiki. Please see the wiki editing help page for information on making contributions to this wiki. A core team of developers funded by FIC, Inc. leads the project.

An introduction page is available, with photos and videos. Moreover, the usual Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page might be helpful. Developers may find the change log an important resource.

Update 2007-07-25: The Unofficial OpenMoko Forums are now open! Everyone is invited to participate!

The members of the OpenMoko community would like to thank FIC Inc. for showing leadership and initiating the OpenMoko project.

What's Your Interest?
  • Basic End-user - Information for end users who want basic functionality and no surprises
  • Advanced End-user - Information for advanced end-users who want advanced and experimental functionality but who are not programmers
  • Business Development - Exchange of commercial opportunities for promoting widespread end-user acceptance.
  • Application Developer - Information for application developers, including ideas and specifications for applications, and tools to build them
  • System Developer - Information for system developers, including bootloader, kernel, and libraries
  • Hardware Developer - Information for hardware developers, including hardware specs and debug board
General Developer Guides Developer Reference Documentation
  • Current events - Information on both past and future events where FIC or OpenMoko had or will have a presence.
  • Unofficial OpenMoko Forums - Everyone is invited to collaborate with OpenMoko users and developers on the forums.
  • Most of the documentation and Wiki assumes you are using Linux; here are some notes for users of Other OSes.
  • Mac OS X - Information specific for those who use Mac OS X

Administrative + Organizational

  • Shipping Notes - Information to help FIC figure out how to ship products to you, and how much it might cost.
  • My Account - Ideas for what sort of account-based services FIC should provide with the phone.
  • Hear Me FIC - Information to help FIC know what the community wants.
  • Listen Up Community - Community's To-Do-List
  • Wiki Issues - problems/requests regarding this Wiki

Hardware Reference Documentation

Software Reference Documentation

  • Architectural
  • Neo1973 host software
  • Device Software
    • Low-Level
      • u-boot - The bootloader we use, including documentation for our modifications
      • kernel - The Linux kernel we use, including documentation for our modifications
    • Userspace

OpenMoko-specific Development OpenMoko Miscellaneous Development Miscellaneous

User Interface Related

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