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test for main page box

Openmoko 大陸區最近消息 Openmoko 台灣區最近消息

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Sandbox - Test page for Wiki editing

Please leave this intro and edit below the line.

Feel free to use this article to try formatting, editing or whatever related. Don't worry, someone will clean up after you.

This is a test Citation needed


Literal curly brace test:

device { iscan enable; pscan enable; }


with a space

Attached is a beta fix for the .la problem. Untar the .tar.bz2 as root, and execute the following bash script as root:

  1. !/bin/sh

DIR=/usr/local/openmoko/arm for la in `find $DIR -iname \*.la`; do dependency_libs= . $la for lib in $dependency_libs ; do delib=`echo $lib | grep -E .la$` if [ -z $delib ] ; then echo -n elif [ -f $delib ]; then echo -n else basedelib=`basename $delib` replacedelibs=`find $DIR -iname $basedelib` found=0 for replacedelib in $replacedelibs ; do if [ $replacedelib == $delib ]; then found=1 fi done if [ $found -gt 0 ] ; then echo -n else sed_delib=`echo $delib | sed 's/\//\\\\\//g'` sed_replacedelib=`echo $replacedelib | sed 's/\//\\\\\//g'`

  1. A bit slow, we could chain expressions for speed. :)

cp $la $la.old cat $la | sed "s/$sed_delib/$sed_replacedelib/g" > $ mv $ $la rm $la.old fi fi done done

  • For Ubuntu 8.04 ( Previous versions don't support libmokoui2 ) the following is required:
sudo apt-get install gcc g++ autoconf automake binutils libtool libglib2.0-dev \
ccache libxrender-dev intltool libmokoui2-dev libgconf2-dev mtools fakeroot alien check
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