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Openmoko @ FOSDEM 2010

As every year it takes place in Brussels. This year's date is 6./7. February. This year, we have a devroom AW1.124 on Sunday morning (09:00-12:00). Please see for the talk program. In short:

Sun  09:00-09:30	Openmoko: 20 Minutes of history	Michael Lauer	
Sun  09:30-10:15	Android on Freerunner	Niels Heyvaert	
Sun  10:15-11:00 DBus-Middleware for mobile devices	Michael Lauer	
Sun  11:00-11:30	SHR: A FSO based Openembedded distribution	Thomas Zimmermann	
Sun  11:30-12:00	hackable:1, a Debian/Gnome distribution for hackable devices	David Wagner	


After the dev-room talks, at 12:00, there will be a meet-up before the dev-room for interested people to go for food and/or drinks.

Confirmed so far for the meet-up are: Pieter Colpaert, Thomas Zimmermann, Michael Lauer, Niels Heyvaert, Christ van Willegen.


Please add Openmoko/Freerunner related activities here:

Day Title Link Remarks
Sunday Learnings from porting QuantumSTEP to different Linux Handhelds (e.g. Openmoko) GNUstep Devroom Cancelled?


Please add yourself to this list if you attend the event, independently of having any 'official' status:

Name in Brussels where to find me Comments
Nikolaus Schaller Fri-Sun GNUstep Devroom Handheld-Linux/Golden Delicious
Wim Vandeputte Sat-Sun Makerbot RepRap KD85
John Lejeune Sat-Sun Makerbot RepRap hackable-devices
Christ van Willegen Sun Around Looking forward to getting my FR #1024-fixed!
David Reyes Samblas Martinez  ? Mobile & Embedded Devroom TuxBrain, NanoNote
Luca Vaudano Fri-Sun Around Babiloo-efl
Jan Girlich Fri-Sun Around running SHR unstable, having mic volume issues
Christophe Meurice (Think-Free) Sat-Sun Around Qalee-project developer
Pieter Colpaert Sat-Sun Around personal schedule at blog
JLuis Fri-Sun Around using distcc on the neo
RuiSeabra Wed-Sun EDRi convention, + Around FOSDEM hoping for #1024 fix as well :)
Deubeuliou Fri-Sun Around. maybe near gnome ? hackable:1
Heinervdm Sun Around SHR
Niels Heyvaert Sun Openmoko Devroom Android on Freerunner


Official website of Fosdem 2010

mailing list announcement

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