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[[Image:|150px]] e-tasks

Task Manager.

Homepage: http://e-tasks.googlecode.com
Package: e-tasks_0.10_arm.ipk
Tested on: FSO MS 5.1, SHR

Download source:http://code.google.com/p/e-tasks/source/checkout



e-tasks is a task manager written in C and based on elementary and sqlite. 

Currently basic functionality works. I will be adding the ability to set reminders soon.


Usage Tips:

  • Selecting a task shows its data in the topmost line where you can change the priority, task and date.
  • To save changes, click on the save button or select another task.
  • Task Categories can be selected by clicking on the 'All Tasks' hover button.
  • The details button allows task editing as well as setting its category. This will soon also allow setting its reminder
  • The Add button adds a task.
  • The Category Hover ("All Tasks" button) lets you change the category of tasks being shown on the main page.
  • From the category hover you can
 - see the deleted tasks.
 - edit the categories.
  • Once the button is pressed - click anywhere else but on the buttons that show up - closes the hover.


libelementary and libsqlite3.

To Install

Version 0.10:

 opkg install libelementary0 libsqlite3-0 http://www.opkg.org/packages/e-tasks_0.10_arm.ipk

Version 0.22 (latest):

 opkg install libelementary0 libsqlite3-0 http://www.opkg.org/packages/e-tasks_0.22_arm.ipk
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