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This project is a gtk application to record calls on the openmoko. It backups the current state files and puts it's owns (will soon backup and patch instead).

To start recording, just initiate a call, open the app and start recording. The files are saved at the user's home dir and they are of the type: call_MMDDYY_HHMMSS.wav. It's a two channels wave, one channel is the you, the second is the other side of the call, so you can split them when ever you like.

Please note that trying to record while not in a call is not defined, won't crash or anything though will probably will record silence.

  • Web archive backup: SVN source code at 20100813124921: callrec (follow link "Download The Nightly SVN Tree Snapshot")
  • project page: callrec

Notice: Recording a phone conversation without notifying the other party is illegal in some jurisdictions!



  • author: Tom Hacohen <available_at_profile>
  • Distros: tested on SHR should work on all.
  • Source code: SVN at project page
  • available at project page.

How To Use


Press the recording button.


Press the playback button.



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